Thanksgiving in July


July 21, 2014 by JImbo

I had a great experience on the way home from National Guard drill last night. A guy I called the “Ninja Samaritan” bought my coffee on the Thruway and I didn’t get a chance to thank him. He was that fast. Ninja!

When I posted it on Facebook, dozens of friends comment favorably on it. Thinking back, it’s not that rare of an experience is it? I think it’s more common than we think, because there are more good people around us than we realize.

So, because I can’t leave a good thing alone and am insanely curious, I wanted to start something. You know how when you buy a new car you suddenly realize how many of those types of cars are in the parking lot when you finally start looking for that type of car in the mall parking lot? I bet that once we start LOOKING for people doing good deeds we will FIND them and surprise ourselves.

We have Christmasin July. Why not Thanksgiving? Not the Pilgrims and Turkeys and Pumpkin Pie. Just the literal meaning of it.

Thanks giving.

Giving thanks.

That’s all.

It doesn’t have to be anything big. It’s not about thanking God. That you can do anywhere to whatever deity you may or not have. This is different.

I just want us to thank EACH OTHER for being good human beings. In this age of horrific news coverage and scaremongering politicians, we are taught that there just aren’t any “good” people left. That’s bullshit.

The world is FULL of kind, good people. Why do we let the tiny minority scare us so much? Do we not see the forest for the trees?

 Maybe it’s just because I’ve been blessed to come from a small town. Not that we don’t have our share of bad people making headlines in the paper. But, if ten people screw up in a town of ten THOUSAND, is that really a “big” problem? Is it fair to discount the 9,99 people who didn’t make the police blotter?

It doesn’t even have to be anything that large. I think we need to recognize people publically for making a difference, however small. This could be one forum to do so.

I’m looking for you to post a simple comment. Explaining the good deed you saw today or tomorrow or the next day. Tell people about it, and even if you don’t know the stranger who did it, mention it.

The only rule is that it has to be someone else. We’re not here to brag about ourselves We want to show there are others out there making a difference and willing to make our world a better place. One good deed at a time.

I’ve posted mine. Go ahead. Let’s see how many we can find.









One thought on “Thanksgiving in July

  1. Thank you Mr State Trooper for pulling over to use your cell phone on Arcadia-Zurich-Norris Rd this afternoon.I salute you for setting a good example for everyone to follow.


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